Donations for Loaner Equipment Needed

I am happy to announce that the Association has completed the IRS non-profit process and can now grant tax credits to those who support our program of teaching enthusiasm for history to young people through reenacting. We are in desperate need of equipment or the funds to buy equipment. Now if you help us out there is a tax benefit for you.

FOR REENACTORS: Got extra gear, getting out of the hobby after the 150th? My unit will give a in kind donation letter for your equipment (we really need rifles and tents) which you can deduct from your taxes.

FOR EVERYONE ELSE: Monetary donations of $100 or more will also result in a tax deduction and the money will be well spent on equipment, transport, and food for our program of exciting students about their history.

Please contact Jim Trent, Brett Price or Eric Baudais for equipment contributions.

For cash contributions, please send money through Paypal to

– Jim Trent