Loaner Equipment Purchased – 3 Rifles, 5 Blankets, 5 Uniforms

We made our first equipment purchase from donations to our company. All of our previous loaner equipment has been donated by members and friends of the Second Colorado. One of the areas we were short all the time is loaner rifles. We have constantly borrowed extra rifles from all of our friends in the Civil War hobby. Our loaner equipment purchase was from the 22nd Arkansas for 3 rifles in excellent condition, 5 blankets, 4 trousers and 5 jackets.

A special thanks goes to Jim Trent, our board president, who was diligent in negotiations for this gear. The transaction wasn’t easy but in the end everything worked out. Also our sincere thanks goes to everyone who donated to the Second Colorado for this gear. We will have great use for it this year and in many more years to come.

This is just our first purchase of loaner gear. We are still looking for 2 rifles, multiple tents (shelter halves and A frame tents), bayonets for 1 1853 Enfield, 1 1842 Springfield and 2 1861 Springifields with bayonet scabbards, cap pouches and cartridge boxes with slings.

Monetary donations of $100 or more will also result in a tax deduction and the money will be well spent on equipment, transport, and food for our program of exciting students about their history. For cash contributions, please send money through Paypal to

Now what everyone has been waiting for is pictures of the loaner equipment.