Second Colorado Business Meeting Report

The Second Colorado Living History Association met at the Kendall-Whittier library in Tulsa, Oklahoma for our annual business meeting. We had 15 members in attendance including 5 students from Oklahoma State University. We started with a prayer from our president, Jim Trent, and the pledge of allegiance. The minutes of last year’s meeting were read by our secretary, Matt Leslie. The Treasurer’s report was given by Eric Baudais. We spent $1,500 on equipment last year including rifles, uniforms and blankets. We still need to submit our State of Oklahoma non-profit paperwork and he finished the donation letters for our donors last year.

We had two items of old business from previous meetings. We talked about making a company t-shirt and decided we wanted a t-shirt. We formed an action committee to create a t-shirt design and setup the ordering process. We talked about dues to the First Federal Division. We agreed to pay the dues as the first step to the division becoming a non-profit and ultimately providing us with insurance at all events.

We had 6 items of new business to discuss. We had elections for first and second sergeant and any lieutenants. Eric Baudais was elected first sergeant by the company. Brian Barton was elected second sergeant by the company. Koby Abels and Collin Jefferson were elected lieutenants by the company. We talked about the schedule of events we will attend for the upcoming year. We decided to attend Round Mountain in Yale, OK, Cowtown Civil War Days in Wichita, KS, Har-Ber Village Civil War Days in Grove, OK, Red River Campaign in Camden, AR, Pea Ridge in Pea Ridge, AR and Honey Springs in Checotah, OK. We also discussed hosting a muster event where we can muster out of the army to conclude the 150th Civil War Anniversary cycle. Collin Jefferson will pursue options on a host for the event browse around this web-site. We discussed Company E which has been dissolved from the men in Louisiana and Mississippi. We are going to re-create it from our current members in Texas with Koby Abels as the captain. We discussed recruiting in Arkansas for Company F which Ford Fitch is in the process of getting men together. We discussed other companies we would like to see join our battalion including a company in Arkansas and a company in Oklahoma. We discussed our equipment needs which includes tents and rifles. We decided to purchase shelter halves for the company instead of Sibley tents because the shelter halves are more versatile than Sibley tents. We discussed having a table at our fall events to purchase rifles. We discussed encouraging people we knew who were retiring from the hobby to donate their equipment to receive a tax break because of our non-profit status. The meeting concluded and we headed to Kilkenny’s Irish Pub for dinner and drinks.

If you would like to see the full meeting, it is available on YouTube for the next 30 days. After that time, I will make the video private and you will need to request permission to view the video.

Eric Baudais
1st Sgt., Terr. BN, 2nd CO, Co. A