Pea Ridge Colonel’s Report

From the Commanding Officers desk.

Pea Ridge was without a doubt a success. I was very proud of every person serving in our organization from the soldiers in the line to the cooks and helpers in the camps. Everyone did their part to make it a great weekend and create the cooperative atmosphere we always strive for in our battalion from this source. Well done to everyone!

I know there were some hard knocks and a few inconveniences at this event, which is to be expected at a new event such as this but I believe with communication and patience we will see improvement in what will surely be a regular event for our area.

I am most excited to see our new company the 9th Wisconsin join up with us. They are a most pleasant addition and will be an asset to our association for some time. We also had guests from the 5th Michigan light artillery and our old friends the 10th Kansas Infantry. Its always nice to meet new friends and see old ones and at the direction of my officers invitations to these fine groups to work together in the future have been made.

Company commanders voted this weekend to have me serve for another two years as Territorial Battalion Commander and I have agreed to do so. I am flattered by their trust and I believe the next few seasons will see growth and excitement for our battalion.

Our next event is Honey Springs. The premiere battle for the Second Colorado. We need all the fighting men and equipment we can muster for this one as we will be joined for the event by volunteers from the North Mesquite High School ROTC and the ever growing 2nd Volunteers Garrison out of OSU. Please mark your calenders now and prepare to be there.

For the Republic!

Jim Trent, Colonel Commanding
U.S. Territorial Battalion