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Join us in Living History!

Have you ever considered Historical Reenactment as a hobby? The rewards of helping to educate the public through Living History are immeasurable in terms of satisfaction. In addition reenacting with accurate equipment and supplies offers a glimpse into the life of the 19th century American solider; a much different life than the one we live today. Contact us today about how you can walk in your ancestor’s footsteps for a weekend! We offer most beginners a chance to borrow gear from our unit to “try on” the 19th century.

Should an individual show a long term interest a suggested schedule of equipment purchases made over time can economically complete a accurate portrayal of a Union rifleman in the Trans-Mississippi Theatre of Operation for the years 1861-1865.

The unit operates as a non-profit organization. Its officers, non-commissioned officers and board members are democratically elected. Membership is open to anyone sixteen years of age or older. New recruits are always welcome and needed. Participation by family members is also encouraged. The 2nd Colorado offers yearly membership for just $25.00 US per person. ($15.00 for students)

Experienced Reenactors

We value veteran reenactors in our organization and strive to have a diverse age group amongst our men. Our impression is that of a volunteer unit from a small town in Colorado so we need men of all ages. If you’re new in the Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas or Louisiana area and looking for a new unit to fall in with, we always let folks share a fire with us and try our unit out. If you’re new to the reenacting community, check us out. If we’re not the unit for you, we’ll help you find the right one.

Board Members

Company A Captain: Brian Barton
President: Brett Price
Treasurer: Eric Baudais
Secretary: Bill Bullock