General Safety Guideline

Safety is a primary concern of our organization and as such is the responsibility of every man who decides to join the Company. All new members and guests of the company will receive instruction in the School of the Solider as per Casey’s Tactics 1861. There is no other training procedure which is as accomplished in teaching the safe and effective operation of 19th century firearms (other than Hardee’s Tactics which is basically the same book only written by a Confederate General). Our officers will walk all new recruits or "fresh fish" as they are sometimes called through each step of the drill until they are familiar and comfortable with the weapons drill and have demonstrated a respect for safety protocol. Only once the company officers have been assured of the new recruit’s understanding of proper drill and handling of the equipment will a new recruit be allowed to handle gunpowder.

Of course the entire period drill is not safe for reenactment purposes and some adjustments must be made. The Second Colorado does not allow the use of bayonets or rammers in battle scenarios.

Members under the age of 18 must be under the supervision of a parent or guardian. Interested Parents may inquire about introducing their son to Living History by working with a designated mentor/sponsor from within the company.

Men and boys participating in 2nd Colorado must be physically fit enough to camp outdoors and march moderate distances. Bugs, heat, dust, rain, and even Snow can and will happen. We work hard to keep all of our men safe and healthy but comfort is relative. Just remember the elements are part of the fun and keep a positive attitude. Always inquire as to event camping style and projected weather conditions when planning the events you wish to participate in.