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Buy a T-Shirt and support the Second Colorado!

Jim Trent has created a t-shirt through the booster.com website we can wear to identify ourselves as part of the Second Colorado. The front of the shirt has the infantry design in the upper right corner and the back of the shirt has the recruiting poster design Mario created for the Second Colorado. The shirts are $20 per shirt you can choose the option to have them sent to Jim and he will give them out at Marks Mills in May. Support the Second Colorado by buying this great shirt of our company.

Front of Second Colorado t-shirt

Back of Second Colorado t-shirt

Second Colorado Schedule for 2015

Here is the schedule of events the Second Colorado Living History Association will be attending for 2015. The events marked as max effort we will try to get all of our members to attend. All other events are optional.

Battle of Round Mountain
Yale, OK
February 21-22, 2015

Cowtown Civil War Days
Wichita, KS
April 18, 2015

Har-Ber Village Civil War Days
Grove, OK
April 24-25, 2015

Battle of Marks Mills
Fordyce, AR
May 15-17, 2015

Red River Campaign
Register by April 20!
Fees: $125 for food & blanks
Camden, AR
June 7-13, 2015

Battle of Pea Ridge
Pea Ridge, AR
September 24-27, 2015

Muster Out Event
October 2015

Battle of Honey Springs
Checotah, OK
November 7-8, 2015

Second Colorado Business Meeting Report

The Second Colorado Living History Association met at the Kendall-Whittier library in Tulsa, Oklahoma for our annual business meeting. We had 15 members in attendance including 5 students from Oklahoma State University. We started with a prayer from our president, Jim Trent, and the pledge of allegiance. The minutes of last year’s meeting were read by our secretary, Matt Leslie. The Treasurer’s report was given by Eric Baudais. We spent $1,500 on equipment last year including rifles, uniforms and blankets. We still need to submit our State of Oklahoma non-profit paperwork and he finished the donation letters for our donors last year.

We had two items of old business from previous meetings. We talked about making a company t-shirt and decided we wanted a t-shirt. We formed an action committee to create a t-shirt design and setup the ordering process. We talked about dues to the First Federal Division. We agreed to pay the dues as the first step to the division becoming a non-profit and ultimately providing us with insurance at all events.

We had 6 items of new business to discuss. We had elections for first and second sergeant and any lieutenants. Eric Baudais was elected first sergeant by the company. Brian Barton was elected second sergeant by the company. Koby Abels and Collin Jefferson were elected lieutenants by the company. We talked about the schedule of events we will attend for the upcoming year. We decided to attend Round Mountain in Yale, OK, Cowtown Civil War Days in Wichita, KS, Har-Ber Village Civil War Days in Grove, OK, Red River Campaign in Camden, AR, Pea Ridge in Pea Ridge, AR and Honey Springs in Checotah, OK. We also discussed hosting a muster event where we can muster out of the army to conclude the 150th Civil War Anniversary cycle. Collin Jefferson will pursue options on a host for the event browse around this web-site. We discussed Company E which has been dissolved from the men in Louisiana and Mississippi. We are going to re-create it from our current members in Texas with Koby Abels as the captain. We discussed recruiting in Arkansas for Company F which Ford Fitch is in the process of getting men together. We discussed other companies we would like to see join our battalion including a company in Arkansas and a company in Oklahoma. We discussed our equipment needs which includes tents and rifles. We decided to purchase shelter halves for the company instead of Sibley tents because the shelter halves are more versatile than Sibley tents. We discussed having a table at our fall events to purchase rifles. We discussed encouraging people we knew who were retiring from the hobby to donate their equipment to receive a tax break because of our non-profit status. The meeting concluded and we headed to Kilkenny’s Irish Pub for dinner and drinks.

If you would like to see the full meeting, it is available on YouTube for the next 30 days. After that time, I will make the video private and you will need to request permission to view the video.

Eric Baudais
1st Sgt., Terr. BN, 2nd CO, Co. A

2013 Year in Review

As I look back on the year, our company has had its ups and downs. The year started with a great start at the Battle of Round Mountain in Yale, OK. I wasn’t able to attend, but I heard from many in the company it was a great event. I’ve included some pictures courtesy of Ford Fitch.

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A few of us went to Pleasant Hill, LA to check out the re-enactment for the first time. We meet Company E Friday night and helped everyone setup camp. Saturday we participated in some drill, of course, a parade and one battle. Sunday the artillery really came out to play. We had horse drawn artillery with pyrotechnic charges around the battle field. We had several pushes and retreats with Confederates actually retreating at appropriate times. Almost all of the re-enactors were Confederates; they were really nice and pleasant to our company. We enjoyed real Southern hospitality!

For the most of the Spring and the Summer we were saving up for our big trip to Gettysburg. The company didn’t help with saving any money though. Brett and Jim contributed above and beyond to rent us a 15 passenger van and we hauled the company gear in the Trent’s trailer. On the way there, we stopped at Fort Negley and saw the wonderful visitor’s center and then climbed to the top of the fort. We met up with Company E on Wednesday at registration and toured the Gettysburg National Park. Some rode and some walked to Little Round Top. There we saw and all took a picture next to the 20th Maine monument, who we were going to portray later.

2013 Gettysburg - Company A around the van

Company A traveling to Gettysburg to participate in the 150th anniversary.

2013 Gettysburg - Company at 20th Maine Monument

Company E and A in front of 20th Maine monument.

Above is a video produced by Sergeant Mario Mora featuring our company at Gettysburg.

For the re-enactment, we participated in many battles with our brothers in Company E and the Muddy River Brigade. We had a lot of fun with some work in between like clearing our campsite of rocks resulting in a huge pile. We got to make many new friends and re-connect with our old friends. On the way home, we got a flat on the trailer tire in the middle of nowhere Tennessee. The trailer’s fender was rubbing against the tire which had gone unnoticed. Luckily we were able to find a tire shop and they welded the fender and Jim bought a new tire for the trailer. Here are some pictures from Cedric Whittaker, Chris LeBlanc and Kat Bennett taken at Gettysburg.

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The final re-enactment of our season was Honey Springs in Checotah, OK. We arrived in camp Friday night and was setting up in the dark again. Luckily I had established a fire pit before the sun went down so we just had to gather firewood and kindling to start the fire. Saturday morning we setup the officer’s wall tent and then did some drill. The battle went well with the company fighting in the woods trying to flank the Confederates. After the battle we got some root beer and settled in for the night. Sunday morning we had some new recruits and got them outfitted and trained. Then we broke down camp and dressed in our Native American impression. The Sunday battle was pretty similar but we deployed as skirmishers and scouted the Confederate position then retreated. We then acted as a reserve company for the main push of Federals. Here are some pictures taken at Honey Springs.

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Eric Baudais
1st Sgt., Terr. BN, 2nd CO, Co. A

Business Meeting Scheduled for February 15

Ok Gents,

After approx. 25+ tries, the yearly meeting is Saturday February 15 from 10am-1pm.

If you have anything you want discussed, you have until February 13 to let me know.

We have elections. If you want your vote counted, let Jim Jim Trent know and send him a proxy.

The location for the meeting is at the Bethany Public Library. The library address is 3510 N Mueller Ave, Bethany, OK 73008.

Brett Price

Historic Roster of Second Colorado Company A

Field and Staff

James H. Ford, Colonel
Theo. H. Dodd, Lieutenant-Colonel
S. S. Curtis, First Major
J. N. Smith, Second Major
J. L. Pritchard, Third Major
I. J. Pollok, Surgeon
Geo. S. Aiken, Assistant Surgeon
D. M. Vance, Assistant Surgeon
R. S. Roe, Adjutant
G.C. Manville, Quartermaster
James Burrell, Commissary
L. Hamilton, Chaplain

Officers & NCOs

J. C. W. Hall, Captain
James Parsons, 1st Lieutenant
Henry D. Jaynes, 2nd Lieutenant
William F. Kenton, 1st Sergeant
Sydenham Mills, Quartermaster Sergeant
Andrew H. Grover, Commissary Sergeant
William H. Anderson, Sergeant
Nathan H. Hopkins, Sergeant
Martin D. Prentiss, Sergeant
William Glasgow, Sergeant
Garrett Feinan, Sergeant

Edwin H. Sanford, Corporal
William W. Hodges, Corporal
Samuel Westerfield, Corporal
Joseph Mackrell, Corporal
Edwin P. Robinson, Corporal
Archibald Cribbs, Corporal
Uriah Simpson, Corporal
Michael Beacom, Corporal


Horatio Allen
Robert D. Alexander
John W. Ames
Chauncey W. Amey
Thomas Anderson
Charles Arnold
Robert Badley
Marcus T. Basset
Harrison Berry
William H. Conklin
George A. Cook
James H. Custard
Abram R. Daman
Josiah M. Day
Elisha Dewes
William Emans
William Emihizer
Henry Estes
William Fulbright
Giles Gadard
Samuel Gastland
Sylvester Gilson
Hiram Hawkins
Simeon Haynes
Charles Hitchburn
James A. Holmes
Alonzo F. Ickis
William W. Johnson
Ezra J. Lee
Josiah P. Lesher
Justis B. Lloyd
James H. Lykins
Hugh Marshall
Jacob Martin
Henry Mateson
Curtis Moore

John C. Bowen
John Branch
Thomas Briggs
Alexander Brown
Comadore S. Brown
George Bryan
William Carley
Alden G. Cate
Lafayette Cofman
John Morrison
Simon Motz
Benjamin F. Nicholas
Abijah H. Norris
Thomas Payne
Samuel Pickler
Josiah Porter
Ludlo Pruden
Charles L. Richardson
James K. Scott
Evan P. Shrivel
George Simpson
Joseph M. W. Smith
David Speilman
Amos N. Sylvester
Harvey W. Thomas
Joseph J. Thomas
John G. Thompson
Andrew Thomson
Seymour S. Vaughn
James B. Wasson
John M. Weaver
George Williams
William H. Wilson
Joseph Wizer
Jerome B. Wright