Vendor List

Recommended Vendor List

The sutlers on the recommended vendor list have researched the items to create authentic reproductions of standard issue equipment worn by the Civil War soldier. These vendors use the highest quality materials in the equipment they sell. We are proud to recommend these vendors for use in our living history programs.


Recommended Vendor

  • Hat, enlisted dress (Hardee)
  • Cap, enlisted forage
  • Shoes, Jefferson Bootees, pegged soles, #JB2
  • Blouse, 4-button fatigue, lined, J.T. Martin pattern (sack coat)
  • Trousers, enlisted foot pattern, Scuylkill pattern
  • Shirt, issue wool, camel/tan color
  • Socks, white cotton
  • Suspenders, civilian or issue style


Recommended Vendor

  • Waist belt with US oval buckle
  • .58-cal. Pattern 1857 cartridge box with US plate & 2 tins
  • Cartridge box US plate
  • Cartridge box Federal tins (set of 2)
  • Cartridge box shoulder belt
  • U.S.Eagle Shoulder Belt plate
  • Cap pouch, Pattern 1850 with cone pick
  • Bayonet scabbard, Gaylord 2-rivet pattern (specify rifle)


Recommended Vendor

  • 1853 Enfield rifle
  • 1853 Enfield rifle (defarbed)
  • 1842 Springfield rifle, smoothbore, .68 caliber
  • 1861 Springfield rifle
  • Socket bayonet
  • Cleaning kit for .58 caliber muskets

Field Equipment

Recommended Vendor

  • Haversack, US issue with inner bag
  • Canteen, smooth side, with jean cover
  • Canteen half with wire (plate)
  • Combination knife-fork-spoon
  • Large size cup (boiler) with wire bail
  • Woolen blanket
  • Rubber blanket
  • Shelter tent half (campaign events)
  • Tent pegs
  • Wedge tent (encampment events)
  • Knapsack, US issue double bag
  • Federal Overcoat

Mainstream Vendors

The sutlers on our mainstream vendor list produce good quality Civil War equipment. The equipment may not be researched and fully authentic and may not use the best materials available. However these sutlers are a good starting point for someone looking to get in to the hobby. Most of these sutlers you will see at events in the area.